Terms & Conditions

When using or browsing any part of the Website ( you agree to the following simple terms & conditions. We will be updating the terms regularly, which you are obliged to read and agree when coninuing to use our platforms and services.


  1. Respect and follow all standard community guidelines and laws of the governments & authorities.
  2. Only post legal fish, animals and items on the adverts according to your local laws.
  3. Post only child-safe photos, descriptions & reviews.
  4. Do not post your contact details or email addresses in the titles, descriptions or photos.
  5. You take the responsibility for all transactions happening using the Website and related Apps, and FishTank NZ is not liable for any losses, damages or misguidances.
  6. Purchases of advertising Credits are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  7. Help each other out and try to be kind to everyone in order to make them happy.
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