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FishTank NZ is the world's first comprehensive & dedicated classifieds platform for fish pet hobbyists and enthusiasts, to come under one place in order to buy, sell, exchange & rent all live fish, aquarium tanks, and related products & services.


To celebrate the launch of our platform, we are giving away Special Offers and Great Prizes to the members who join early.


Up to 50% off on all of our Paid Membership Plans for Lifetime. Only limited slots available. Checkout the plans below.




--- Annual Membership Prizes ---


First 10 Basic Members who subscribe to the Yearly Plan will receive either a Pair of Cardinal Tetras or a Pair of Harlequin Rasboras worth $15.




First 10 Pro Members who subscribe to the Yearly Plan will receive a Breeding Pair of Adult Guppies worth $28.




First 5 Platinum Members who subscribe to the Yearly Plan will receive a Juvenile Electric Yellow Cichlid worth $35.




--- Prize Draws ---


After all the special offer membership slots have been taken, we will conduct a prize draw among all the paid members and the following prizes are to be won from Animates, based on random selection.



First Prize



Brand New Aqua One Lifestyle 190l Black Aquarium (Worth $550)



Second Prize



Brand New Fluval Flex 57l Curved Glass Black Aquarium (Worth $260)



Third Prize



Brand New Aqua One Ecostyle 47 Black Aquarium 38l (Worth $150)



Console Prizes



And the next 10 fortunate members will receive a Brand New Aqua One Maxi Filter 101f For Tanks Up To 40l (Worth $32) each as console prizes.




So, Hurry Up !!!


Become A FishTank Member Today & Grab The Gifts !!!
















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